Ikeda Museum of 20th Century Art is a museum that was established and opened with donated personal assets by Eiichi Ikeda, the late founder of Nichireki Co., Ltd. (formerly Nichireki Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.).

Permanent collection

Pablo Picasso

1881-1973 The greatest master of 20th century art, born in Spain. Was active in a wide range of fields including woodblock prints, sculpture, ceramics, and stage setting, etc.

Musketeer with Dove
1969 Oil painting 195 x 130 cm

This epic oil painting, almost 2 meters tall, is dated March 20th, 1969 and was produced by Picasso when he was 88 years old. Giving no impression of his advanced age, one cannot help but be astonished by the powerful expression of vivacity and its energetically modeled spirit. A dove is standing on the splendidly gilded shoulder strap of this moustachioed musketeer, presenting a symbol of peace. The dove was a subject in Picasso’s pictures since his infancy, and provided such peace to the master that he even named one of his daughters “Paloma” (meaning “dove”).

Salvador Dali

1904-1989 Spanish artist. A genius of the surrealist movement who produced a peculiar mood in his paintings, influenced by revelations from Freud’s psychoanalysis of dreams.

Venus and Sailor
1925 Oil painting 215 x 147.5 cm

This is one of the works that was exhibited when Dali put on his first solo exhibition, at Barcelona’s Dalmau Gallery in the fall of 1925. At that time, Dali was a 21-year-old art student at Madrid’s Royal Academy of Fine Arts. This piece likely features the balcony of a hotel looking out at the Mediterranean Sea. Venus is standing like a Greek sculpture embraced by a silhouetted sailor. In the portrayal of the harbor, boats, clouds, and Venus and the sailor, influences such as metaphysical painting, futurism and cubism are visible. This is of great interest as a monument to Dali’s youth, before the advent of surrealism.

Joan Miro

1893-1983 Spanish artist. Turned stars, moons, the sun, birds and women, etc. into hieroglyphic characters, presenting a world of simple poetic illusions.

Figure in Front of the Sea
1938 Oil painting 65 x 51 cm

Against a dark green sky can be seen the sun, emitting yellow rays of light, and a red moon. On the red surface of the sea is a green colored aspect that evokes a map of Catalonia, the artist’s birthplace. There is a sense of tension on the face of a woman who appears to be screaming out about something. The spread of dark clouds behind the woman gives a sense of impending doom. At the Spanish pavilion of the Paris International Exhibition in 1937, one year before this work appeared, Miro had presented “The Reaper” (unaccounted for after the exhibition) alongside Picasso’s “Guernica”. Miro’s protest against the brutality of war, and his love of Catalonia, which were evident in “The Reaper”, seem to be preserved as reverberations in this piece.

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