Ikeda Museum of 20th Century Art is a museum that was established and opened with donated personal assets by Eiichi Ikeda, the late founder of Nichireki Co., Ltd. (formerly Nichireki Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.).

Copyright and policy

 Ikeda Museum of 20th Century Art(hereinafter, “the museum”) handles customers’ personal information within the scope of distributing information through the internet. We have set forth the following personal information protection policy for handling of personal information on the web.

Handling of personal information

 Names and e-mail addresses, etc. (hereinafter, “personal information”) received through this site will not be disclosed to any third party without prior consent from the individual.

Collection of personal information

 In principle, personal information collected through this site is used to provide (register)
information in accordance with the intentions of the individual user. With regard to handling of personal information, a managing supervisor has been appointed to carry out appropriate management and to endeavor to prevent leakage of information to the outside. We also endeavor to protect users’ personal information by ensuring that safety measures are implemented appropriately and on a rational level.

Copyright, etc

 Copyright and other rights pertaining to information, materials and images, etc. published on this website belong to the museum or to rights-holders who have authorized the museum to make use of such.
Duplication, modification, appropriation and distribution, etc. of the above-mentioned items is prohibited outside of personal use or the scope explicitly permitted by law without prior consent from the rights-holders.


 For matters concerning copyright and policy, or if you wish to browse or amend your own personal information, etc., please contact the museum’s Inquiries Desk(TEL:0557-45-2211)to receive appropriate support.

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