Management of Roads and Paving


Providing paving maintenance and management information using the latest measuring and information processing technology

Automatic road surface condition measuring vehicle ROMEN CATCHER LY

For the maintenance of roads, the long distances covered by the roads means that efficient management will be an important issue, even more than for other social funding provisions.
To support this response, Nichireki maintains various types of survey and measuring equipment. The ROMEN CATCHER LY Series are automatic road surface condition measuring vehicles approved by the Public Works Research Center that simultaneously measure the three road condition elements of "cracks", "ruts", and "flatness". (As of April 2010, Nichireki owns four of these vehicles.)

In order to practically carry out road maintenance and management, in addition to the road surface condition data described above it will be extremely important to arrange, store, and update basic road information such as the road management and characteristics data and the repair history data in an appropriate format. To realize this, Nichireki has constructed a comprehensive computer-based maintenance and management system which provides appropriate information.

Road and Paving Management System ROCS