Message from the President


Message from the President

Since its establishment in 1943, Nichireki has followed a company motto of “sowing the seeds” of new business, working tirelessly to contribute to society through roads. To this end, we manufacture and sell road paving materials and use them in construction. As we develop social infrastructure in this way, we also develop modern-day technologies to meet the needs of the times.

Our business environment is continually changing in line with socioeconomic trends in Japan and other countries. The Nichireki Group quickly identifies these changes, and continually provides high-value-added products and construction methods that satisfy its customers. In addition, we cultivate a robust corporate character that will prevail under any environment.

Since its founding, Nichireki has proactively taken on new challenges to ensure it continues to contribute to society. In doing so, we strive to be a business group that meets the expectations and gains the trust of our stockholders, customers, and business partners.

Manabu Obata
President and Representative Director