Research and Development


Creating roads that are gentle to people and to the environment
Research and development incorporating dreams and enthusiasm

Whether it is neighborhood streets which also provide a place of relaxation for residents, main roads that invite people to engage in shopping or leisure, or expressways which are essential for transporting daily commodities and for going on vacation, paving is the factor that allows each of these roads to fully express its function.
Paving is given a variety of functions to enable it to fulfill its role as a road, such as paving that does not form puddles, paving that is enjoyable to drive on, paving that is comfortable and has high safety, and paving that gives consideration to the environment through emitting low noise.
As the leading Japanese company in paving materials, Nichireki constantly anticipates the diversifying and intensifying social needs, and supplies the latest technology that will contribute to society.
In particular, Nichireki believes that the most important issues are providing support for Japanese society with its declining birthrate and aging population, together with environmental preservation countermeasures that are spreading on a global scale. The company is discussing new road creation "dreams" every day and is tackling research and development that incorporates its "enthusiasm". The spirit of Nichireki’s research and development is embodied by its aim to become a development-based "only-one" company with creativity and originality.

Technical Research Laboratory

Polymer distribution confirmation using a microscope

Mechanical testing of an asphalt mixture

Binder viscoelasticity measurement using DSR