Management of Road and Pavement


ROCS Lite web

Paving management system


ROCS Lite web is a system that links road surface images taken with the Romen Catcher Series (Romen Catcher VP and Romen Catcher LY Jr.) with Google Maps™ so they can be displayed.


ROCS Lite web can be used indoors or out, using the internet to check conditions and share information on site, providing assistance in a variety of road management scenarios.

  1. Browsing*1 is possible from any location, as long as you are connected※2 to the internet.
  2. Latest maps*3 are displayed, which are provided in Google MapsTM.
  3. There is no need to install software on a user PC or store road surface images.
  4. The system does not require upgrades to operating systems (Windows) or browsers*4.
  5. Data is managed safely*5 on the server.
  6. Network configuration is unnecessary.
  • ※1: A limit is set on the number of browser clicks (page views).
  • ※2: Internet connectivity expenses (costs for setting up an environment and communicating) are excluded.
  • ※3: Customers require no contract with Google in order to use Google Maps™.
  • ※4: Windows XP or higher is recommended as the operating system. Recommended browsers are Internet Explorer 8 or Firefox 15 or higher.
  • ※5: Security, fire, earthquake, water-resistance, and electrical backup measures are in place at the building housing the server, which has received certification under the Information Disclosure Guidelines for Safety and Reliability of ASP/ SaaS. To enhance security, we recommend that customers periodically change their user IDs and passwords.