Bridge deck survey system




The SHOBAN CATCHER is a survey system utilizing electromagnetic wave technology which non-destructively identifies the range and depth of damage locations on the top surfaces of bridge deck plates.


Electromagnetic waves have a property of reflecting from boundary surfaces which have different qualities (electrical natures). By converting the reflection times to speeds, the depths can be estimated. Additionally, if there are boundary surfaces with different qualities in close contact, a strong energy reflective wave will be created.

In the SHOBAN CATCHER, the health of the deck plate top surfaces is judged from these reflected waves.

The following items can be understood from SHOBAN CATCHER surveys.

  • The scope of damage for each 1cm in the depth direction inside the asphalt-concrete layer and of the deck plate top surface
  • The damage condition of deck plate entire surface including the bridge shoulders (using the hand-pushed type radar)
  • Detailed cracks 1mm or larger in size on the paving surface

Additionally, from the survey results, the following outputs can be created.

[Images of survey result reports]

[Previewing software]

The survey data can be referenced using the previewing software as follows.

  • Display of images visualizing the size of the reflected wave shape for each 1cm of depth
  • Changing of images by altering the bar in the depth direction
  • Registration of excavation investigation conditions using the editing function
  • Estimate of volumes of cross section restoration materials if required