Nondestructive Pavement Structure Diagnosis System




ROMEN CATCHER FWD is a nondestructive survey system which applies an impact load to the road surface and measures the deflection amount that occurs as a result.
Control and recording are all implemented by computer, so that the condition setting and automatic measurement can be carried out safely and easily using a dialog-based system. The various data items, including the impact load, deflection amount, time, position, and temperature, are shown on the computer screen on location, and recording is carried out.



1. Analysis of the deflection amount

  • The degree of health of existing paving can be judged from its displacement characteristics. Further, this can be utilized when dividing sections into those that require repairs (using the displacement amount longitudinal diagram).
  • The appropriate repair method (cutting OL or re-laying) can be selected.
  • Estimation of the current CBR situation can also be carried out.

Judging of whether or not repairs are required (Longitudinal diagram of deflection amount)

2. Application analysis

  • It will be possible to diagnose which of the layers in the existing paving configuration has problems.
  • Based on this result, it will be possible to carry out an investigation into the appropriate repair methods.
  • By using together with the ROMEN CATCHER VP, the selection of the sections for repair can be effectively carried out.


Moving method Vehicle-mounted type
Loading system Multiple loading system or single loading system
Loading weights 2.5/5/8/maximum 10 tons
Loading plate diameter 300mm
Sensor position 0/200/300/450/600/750/900/(1200)/1500/2000mm
Maximum displacement amount 2.2-5.0mm
Control and recording equipment Personal computer
Data saving system HDD/Flash memory, etc.
Temperature setting Temperature/road surface

Measuring system schematic diagram