Heat Island Countermeasure Construction Methods


THERMOTEC UII construction method

Urea resin-type solar heat-blocking pavement


The Thermotec UII construction method is solar heat-blocking pavement that inhibits the rise in temperature of the paving surface in the daytime by reflecting the near-infrared rays that make up approximately half of the solar radiation energy amount. This construction method, which serves as a heat island countermeasure, is applicable to porous asphalt paving. Applying a two-part hardening urea-type resin to the road surface helps keep the road surface temperature from rising. This material produces less odor than conventional MMA-type resin materials and is more environmentally friendly.


  1. On sunny summer days, this method can be expected to lower road surface temperatures by around 11°C.
  2. The method uses a urea-type resin, which has a high resistance to wear from the impact of tire chains used in winter.
  3. Odor is lower than the two-part hardening MMA-type resin generally used in solar heat-blocking pavement materials, improving peace of mind during construction in urban areas.


  • Roads
  • Parking lots, etc.