Landscape Methods


TWINKCOAT Construction Method


The TWINKCOAT construction method is resin-based anti-skid paving (Neat construction method, thin layer paving) that has been given high brightness.
The road surface brightness and skid resistance are improved by sprinkling and fixing “TWINK CHIPS”, which are silicon carbide-based hard aggregates and colored ceramic aggregates, on the surface after applying “COALCUT R” (resin-based bonding material) to the existing paving.

The properties and conditions of COALCUT R conform to the standards of the Technical Association of Resin Pavement.


  1. At night the light from street lamps and from vehicle headlights is reflected by the surface, which gains the awareness of drivers and will therefore be effective for traffic safety measures.
  2. A high skid resistance is obtained.
  3. Implementation over small areas can also be supported.


  • Making drivers aware of intersections that are unlit

After implementation (Daytime)


After implementation (Nighttime)