Railway Viaduct Deck Slab and Slab Track Plate Construction Methods


Slab Track CA Mortar Filling Construction Method


The slab track CA mortar filling construction method is a construction method in which CA mortar are injected into the gaps of railway viaduct deck slabs and slab track plates for shock absorbing.
In the CA mortar, cement and sand are mixed with “EMULSION A”, which has outstanding ability to mix with cement. This is a compound material that combines the flexibility of asphalt with the rigidity of cement in a balanced manner, and is used in slab tracks in a plan to reduce the maintenance.


  1. The CA mortar using EMULSION A has an outstanding flowing ability and filling ability, so that strengthening can be swiftly realized.
  2. Railway tracks are constructed that have excellent durability, contributing to maintenance shortening.


  • Shinkansen high speed railway slab tracks
  • Local railway line slab tracks