Landscape Methods


COALCUT R Construction Method


The COALCUT R construction method is resin-based anti-skid paving (Neat construction method, thin layer paving).

The skid resistance of a road surface is improved by sprinkling and fixing hard aggregates and ceramic aggregates on the surface after applying “COALCUT R” (resin-based bonding material) to the existing paving.

The properties and conditions of COALCUT R conform to the standards of the Technical Association of Resin Pavement.


  1. A high skid resistance is obtained.
  2. Because colored aggregate is used, the visibility is high, allowing it to be used for making drivers aware of bus lanes and intersections.
  3. A wide range of color variations are available.
  4. Implementation over small areas can also be supported.


  • Areas surrounding intersections
  • Bus lanes
  • Curves and steep roads
  • Pedestrian roads, cycling paths