Waterproof Methods for Bridge Decks


FRESH COAT Construction Method


The FRESH COAT construction method is an asphalt-based membrane-type waterproofing construction method that has an outstanding ability to inhibit the sticking of the materials to the tires of vehicles passing over the waterproofing layer.
This method can be applied as a membrane waterproofing construction method in a variety of situations, regardless of whether new construction or repairs are being carried out.
This method conforms to the standard quality of the membrane-based deck slab waterproofing layer (hot-applied asphalt) waterproofing materials of the “Bridge Deck Slab Waterproofing Handbook”.


  1. Even at high temperatures (60℃), the sticking of the waterproofing material to vehicle tires will be limited.
  2. The outstanding heat resistance means that there will be little change to the properties and conditions due to repeated heating.
  3. Since curing is not required after finishing the implementation, it will be possible to move on quickly to the next process.


  • Bridge deck slab waterproofing (concrete deck slabs, steel deck plates, etc.)
  • Steel deck plate high tensile bolt parts