CATIOZOL CME 1-3 are Japan’s first cationic asphalt emulsions for mixing, which were developed by Nichireki.
These emulsions conform to Japan Industrial Standards JIS K 2208 and the Pavement Design and Construction Guidelines MK 1-3.


  1. Site-generated materials such as general-purpose road crushed stone, pit gravel, or mined stone can be used, and mixing is possible at normal temperatures throughout the year.
  2. Can be used at any location, whether at a central plant, for on-site mixing or soil mixing.
  3. Has outstanding adhesion with the aggregate, so that after breaking it will not be affected by rainwater and will not peel off.


  • CME-1: For mixing of coarse grade aggregates
  • CME-2: For mixing of dense grade aggregates
  • CME-3: For mixing of soils with aggregates