Crack Repairing Materials




COALCUT K is a cold applied acrylic resin-based crack sealant that is suitable for crack and joint repair of asphalt paving and concrete paving.
Because work can be carried out simply by adding and mixing material A and material B contained in the polyethylene containers (containers should be squeezed by hand), the trouble of weighing or of using machines will not be required.


  1. Handling is easy, so that work can be carried out safely and swiftly.
  2. Hardening is fast, so that traffic control will only be required for a short time.
  3. Has outstanding penetration, so that injection into hairline cracks will be possible.
  4. Has great flexibility, so that it will closely adapt to cracks and joint parts.
  5. Has excellent weather resistance.


  • Filling and repair of paving cracks

Crack sealing work