SEROSEAL SS ROPE is a pressure-sensitive formed joint sealant that has a self-adhesive ability under normal temperatures.
In addition to sealing cracks in asphalt paving and preventing the entry of rainwater, the material limits the looseness of manhole or gutter covers and gratings to prevent noise emissions.


  1. Has a self-adhesive ability under normal temperatures, and has outstanding adhesion with asphalt paving and cement concrete paving.
  2. Constantly maintains rubber elasticity, so that it closely adapts to expansion and contraction.
  3. Extrusion in summertime or stripping or cracking due to brittleness in wintertime will not occur.
  4. Since implementation can be carried out under normal temperatures, the material has outstanding working and handling abilities.


  • Filling of cracks and repair of asphalt paving and concrete paving
  • Sealing material for vertical joints and horizontal joints of structures
  • Prevention of noise due to looseness of manhole and other covers