Modified Asphalts



polymer modified asphalt (reflection crack absorbing)


Noncrackphalt is a type of polymer modified asphalt for use in areas where concern about the formation of reflection cracks exists such as at asphalt paving where cracks are already present and at concrete paving joint parts of composite paving.


  1. This product has high crack penetration resistance and fatigue resistance, allowing for the construction of longer-lived paving materials than conventional polymer modified asphalt.
  2. Permanent deformation resistance is the same as for polymer modified asphalt type II.
  3. The product is premixed, ensuring a stable quality level.
  4. Workability is the same as for general polymer modified asphalt.

Crack penetration time (results of a laboratory test to reproduce reflection cracks)


  • Places where concern exists about reflection cracks forming when asphalt overlays are placed either on top of existing paved asphalt surfaces or after removing them, such as at asphalt paving where alligator cracks are forming and at concrete paving joints

Pavement cracks in a community road


Crack in composite paving