CATICOAT X is a deck slab waterproofing layer primer that has a greatly reduced drying time when used at low temperatures.
In addition, it can also be applied as a primer for reflection crack absorbing sheets.
Conforms to the standard properties and conditions for solvent-based primers in the “Bridge Deck Slab Waterproofing Handbook” (Japan Road Association).


  1. Has quick-drying abilities even at low temperatures.
  2. Exhibits outstanding adhesive abilities.
  3. Because it is transparent, it will not cause contamination of surrounding structures or road surfaces.


  • Primer on concrete deck slab and steel deck plate for asphalt-based coating waterproofing membrane, asphalt based waterproofing sheet, and guss asphalt paving.
  • Primer for SFRC surfaces
  • Primer for reflection crack absorbing sheets