Mixtures for Pavement




RESCUEPATCH is a maximum 5mm sized aggregate, high durability, all-weather type cold applied mixture (patching material).

Because special modified asphalt is used, the mixture has an outstanding adhesive nature and exhibits high durability.

RESCUEPATCH conforms to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government heavy traffic response and all-weather type quality standards (Civil engineering material specifications), and the Metropolitan Expressway Co., Ltd. standards for cold applied mixture used in emergency repairs (Pavement Design and Construction Guidelines (Viaduct and tunnel version))


  1. Implementation is possible even when snow or rain is falling, or when the implementation surface is wet.
  2. Has outstanding resistance to aggregate scattering and excellent water resistance immediately after opening the road to traffic.
  3. 1.Because the durability and flow resistance is maintained for a long period, it will also be applicable for locations subject to heavy traffic.


  • Repair of potholes in general roads and expressways that are subject to heavy traffic
  • 1.Repair of bump of 2cm or higher
  • Patching of the surroundings of manholes that have subsided