Modified Asphalts



polymer modified asphalt (heavy duty, high permanent deformation resistance)


Containerphalt Super is a type of polymer modified asphalt used in hot asphalt mixtures at container yards and other areas where heavy loads are moved at low speeds.


  1. Even in severe conditions involving heavy container truck traffic, this product features a higher permanent deformation resistance than polymer modified asphalt type II or heavy duty polymer modified asphalt, helping prevent the formation of major ruts.
  2. This product has the same low-temperature flexibility as polymer modified asphalt type II.
  3. Workability is the same as for polymer modified asphalt type II.
  4. Compared with conventional polymer modified asphalt, this product is more resistant to the formation of ruts over long periods of time.

Results of simulation for years of service and rut depth


  • Locations where particularly high-durability asphalt paving is required, such as in port and railway container yards and in surrounding roads
Condition of a three-layer test specimen following a wheel-tracking test (test temperature: 70°C, travel speed: 10.5 times/min, load: 686N)

Containerphalt Super


polymer modified asphalt type II