Modified Asphalts




SINOPHALT M is polymer modified asphalt type III-WF that is used in steel deck plate dense grade asphalt paving and stone mastic asphalt (SMA) paving.
Because steel deck plate paving will greatly deform due to traffic loading, cracks in the paving will easily occur.
SINOPHALT M enhances the resistance regarding cracking to improve the durability of steel deck plate paving.


  1. Regarding the large deformation characteristic of steel deck plates, SHINOPHALT exhibits a high ability to conform to the deformation, and has an approximately 100 times greater fatigue-resisting ability than mixture using polymer modified asphalt type II.
  2. The bending deformation is large even at low temperatures, so that the deformation conforming ability and cracking resistance will be outstanding.
  3. Has excellent stripping resistance, which improves the durability of the paving with regard to water.


  • Steel bridge (steel deck plates) bridge surface paving

Bending test for SINOPHALT M