Modified Asphalts




TOUGHPHALT SUPER R is a polymer modified asphalt that is used for porous asphalt paving (high function paving) in locations that are subject to the influence of turning the steering wheel from side to side when starting and stopping moving vehicles at intersections, and the twisting actions caused by turning left and right.
In the types of locations described above, the aggregate will be easily scattered from the surface of the porous asphalt paving, which may in some situations reduce the running ability and safety.


Compared to polymer modified asphalt type H, TOUGHPHALT SUPER R has the following features.

  1. Has outstanding aggregate scattering resistance to twisting actions.
  2. Has excellent resistance to clogging, so that water permeability can be maintained for a long period.
  3. Has a high softening point of 80℃ or greater, so that it has an outstanding plastic deformation resistance.


  • Porous asphalt paving in locations such as intersections that are subject to twisting actions