Waterproof Materials for Bridge Decks




SEROPRIMER is a quick-drying transparent primer for use with hot applied joint sealant and asphalt-based formed joint sealant.
It is used as a primer for “SEROSEAL“, “SEROSEAL SS“, and “SEROSEAL SS TAPE“.


  1. Its workability at normal temperatures is good, and because it is quick-drying the implementing efficiency is improved.
  2. Since it is transparent, there will be almost no contamination of concrete structures.
  3. Because it has good adhesive strength at normal temperatures, its adhesion to the sealing materials will be outstanding.


  • Primer for hot applied joint sealant on concrete paving
  • Primer for asphalt-based formed joint sealant used in concrete structures such as gutters and median strips
  • Primer for formed joint sealant for center joint of asphalt paving