Modified Asphalts



polymer modified asphalt (for porous asphalt paving with high aggregate scattering resistance)


Chemiphalt SV is a type of polymer modified asphalt specially designed for aggregate scattering resistance and use in porous asphalt paving (drainage pavement, high-performance pavement) in cold, snowy regions. Remaining flexible even in environments where temperatures fall below -30°C, this product has a low-temperature Cantabro loss rate (test temperature: -20°C) one half that of polymer modified asphalt type H-F, which has been typically used for porous asphalt mixtures in cold, snowy regions. As a result, the product is highly resistant to damage specific to cold regions, such as aggregate scattering when impacted by tire chains.


Chemiphalt SV has the following features, in comparison with polymer modified asphalt type H-F.
  1. The low-temperature Cantabro loss rate is lower by one half, providing superior aggregate scattering resistance.
  2. Chemiphalt SV remains flexible even in environments where temperatures are below -30°C.
  3. 3. The product has a high softening point, of 80°C or more, providing superior permanent deformation resistance.


  • Porous asphalt paving in cold, snowy regions

Binder bending test condition (test temperature: -30°C)

Low-temperature Cantabro loss rate (test temperature: -20°C)

Condition after three years of service in a cold, snowy region

polymer modified asphalt type H


Chemiphalt SV