Mixtures for Pavement




SNOWPATCH is a cold applied asphalt emulsion mixture for the purpose of repairing paving bumps and fixing potholes during low temperature periods.
The small-amount package is ideal for small-scale repairs.
Two types are available, consisting of a fine graded type and a coarse graded type.
In the same way as for ROMENPATCH, after pouring the asphalt emulsion in to the transparent bag containing the aggregate, mixing can be carried out simply by shaking the bag.
Pour the mixture to the location that you wish to repair, and use a trowel to carry out the finishing. The trouble of weighing and of using machines will not be required.


  1. Hardening is fast even under low temperatures (0℃ to 10℃), so that opening to the traffic can be carried out in a short period.
  2. Zero run-off construction will be possible.
  3. Implementation is possible even when the primer is wet.
  4. Ideal small amount package for small-scale repairs.
  5. Because implementation does not require special machinery, work will be easy.
  6. Adhesion is favorable both for asphalt paving and concrete paving.


The following applications are possible at low temperatures and high dampness:

  • Repair of bumps at implementation joints
  • Repair of bumps around manholes
  • Repair of bumps at expansion and contraction joints of bridge surface paving
  • Patching of potholes
  • Small-scale road surface repairs
  • Repair of bumps in snow-melting pipe locations